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Barcelona Attraction Online Ticket Purchases -

I thought if I bought tickets from what I thought was the “official” web site, I could avoid these fees. Two examples are Park Guell and La Predrera. Help!

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You have posted the same question twice. On this site, it generally works best to ask the question once. Twice will not get you twice as many answers. Use the delete key.

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Thanks Frank. I didn’t know I had posted this twice. Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused. Happy travels Frank. I’ll delete the other one.

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It is becoming more common for sights to charge a fee for online ticketing; there are online-ticketing fees for many sights in Italy, for example. Just a few years ago you were more likely to see a modest discount for purchasing a ticket online, so to me this smells like a cash grab, but you really don't have a practical option for the top sights in Barcelona, because the ticket Iines are long and time slots can sell out well in advance.

One place where I haven't found pre-purchase necessary is the Sant Pau Modernista site. In addition, I didn't encounter a significant line at the MNAC Museum or the Miro Museum.

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Sorry, I'm late to the party... what's the question here? if you already bought your tickets on a non-official site there's little you can do now, right? what am I missing?

For everyone else: DO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ALWAYS AT THE OFFICIAL SITES. Not only you'll be charged an extra fee at the intermediaries, but also note that from time to time illegitimate sites pretending to be these museums/places do pop up on the Internet. In these, you're just being scammed.

TIP: Official sites will (almost) always have either the ".barcelona", the ".cat" or the ".es" domain (the latter are the official domains for Catalonia and for Spain). Some sites might also have the ".org" and even the ".com" domain, but it's not so usual. Sites with other domains (.uk, .de, etc) are either (legitimate) intermediaries abroad or scams. Also, check for the correct spelling of the name of the site: for example, it is 'sagradafamilia' not just sagrada or 'casabatllo' not casabatlo (note after the 't' there are two 'l' versus one 'l')

Another TIP: as you know, the local language in Catalonia is Catalan (with Spanish being co-official as well). The Catalan language is spoken by roughly 10 million people, in Catalonia but also in areas of neighbouring countries. Most scammers, especially if based abroad, tend to obviate this very important fact and they might graphically emulate the "official sites" without the Catalan version. In the majority of cases this is a tell-tell sign of the website not being the official site, especially for major attractions.