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Barcelona apartment help.

Hello. I have searched this forum and most of the info is several years old so hoping for updated help. I am planning a family trip for the week after Christmas 2020 and would like to rent a 3 bedroom apartment. We have used Airbnb very successfully in Europe and the USA but am finding out that there are issues in Barcelona.

Do most people use other agencies? I saw that Habitat was mentioned on another site but they don't have many larger units. Any help would be appreciated!

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Three bedroom apartments may be a little difficult to find. When our Barcelona hotel's a/c unit was not working this past June, we found an apartment in an hour's notice on

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There are no issues with Airbnb in Barcelona. For the past couple of years Airbnb, HomeStay and a few others arrogantly thought they could go by without complying with local laws. They soon found out they could not, and after a few heavy fines they decided to adhere to the Barcelona City Council regulations to be able to continue operating (in one of their most lucrative markets) and now they allow only offers of legally registered apartments to be published in their portals. Now they operate smoothly and without any problems. So you know.

Whenever you look for an apartment in these portals, ensure they present the HUB number (the license) which indicates this apartment is complying with the local laws and is duly registered in the database of tourist accommodations:

For clarity: this applies to rentals of "whole apartments" (not rooms). For the later, the City Council has promised to issue a different adapted regulation later this year in order to organize the existing offer and to protect both consumers and residents of the city.

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Hi - we recently stayed in Barcelona after Christmas for 8 days. We stayed in an Eric Vokel apartment. They offer some 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. We liked the ability to have an apartment but have a reception desk as well like a hotel.

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We're staying in an airbnb rental for party of 5 --3 bedrooms, 2 baths in Eixample near the Hospital Clinic. They are out there!

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Thank you for the information. I will continue my search and hope to find something that meets our needs and complies with the rules.