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Barcelona airport

Never been there. Is a two-hour window enough time to make a connecting flight? (bags will have to be rechecked)

In May my friend is flying from NYC to Barcelona on a Norwegian flight, then has a separate flight (Ryannair) from Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca. He hasn't traveled much on his own, and I worry he'll end up a face on a milk carton!

Thanks in advance.

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Having to go through passport/immigration, retrieve a checked bag, re-check bag, go back through security, and get to gate in time for Ryanair boarding policy time limits ( unknown to me) all in 2 hours .....hmmm

If he makes it, he will end up with his face on a miraculous medal. Trying to do it all in 2 hrs has me betting on the milk carton, with a sad face because he had to buy a second ticket for that leg of the trip.