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Barajas airport Madrid

We arrive in Madrid from the US at 8:25 am on July 3 and plan to transfer to a domestic Iberia flight to Granada leaving at 12:20pm. Will there be time to get through immigration and customs, pick up bags, get to domestic terminal, recheck luggage and get boarding pass, go through security and still get to the 12:40 flight? There is a flight later in the day at around 4pm. Would it be safer to plan to book that flight instead?
Thank you for any information you can give me.

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'We arrive in Madrid from the US at 8:25 am' - No - you are scheduled to arrive.

As far as I am concerned, It is JUST adequate time, but I certainly would not be putting myself in a possibly fraught position.

Which is it, 'leaving at 12:20pm' or 'the 12:40 flight'?

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It will usually take 45 minutes - one hour, or there abouts, to get to the luggage area and pick up your luggage. Then, depending on your knowledge of the terminal you will most likely go to another terminal...that can be a long hike. And, you may have a long line to check in for the second flight. Yes, you can most likely make it, but you will be anxious. Can you check your luggage all the way through to Granada from your destination? If so, that will; help considerably. Most likely you can. This will cut considerably the time factor. Check on that and also look at the map of Barajas on the web to see where you land and where you must get to.

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Unless I can't subtract, you've right at four hours. Manila is the worst airport in the world - - you might need three there. I'd be comfortable with two in Madrid - - much less would make me nervous, much more would include a lunch stop. You've got it made if the arrival is anywhere close to timely.

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I think you have plenty of time. Ideally I'd plan 3 hours between flights and probably get to my gate in less than 1 1/2. Then I'd go get something to eat or drink while I'm waiting to board the connecting flight. I always get to the gate first, then figure how much time I have to fool around.

I don't check luggage so getting through customs and immigration is a quick stop, if you check allow time to get your bags before having your passport checked (assuming you are flying in from the US). Madrid is a big airport with 4 very long Terminals (at least the ones I've been in). Depending on where your arrival and departure gates are located, that could add an extra 30 minutes, or more, to your connection.

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Four hours transfer time doesn't protect you against all eventualities, but it's a pretty safe bet that it will work, even if you first flight is delayed by two hours. An eight-hour layover can be a nightmare when you're already jet-lagged. If both flights are booked together and code-shared, then you should be able to check luggage through and the airlines will accommodate any delays they cause. Iberia is part of the One World code share alliance with other some international carriers.