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Banking in Barcelona

I am planning on staying in Barcelona for an extended period of time, perhaps half the year and I'm wondering if anyone has opened a bank account there. Are there some banks that are more welcoming to non-EU than others? I have a National identity card (NIE) so should be able to do so.



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You may want to check international banks, like Deutche Bank, BNP Paribas, and UBS, too. They all have offices in the city. Deutche Bank is Bank of America’s partner in Spain.

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Hi, if you have an N.I.E. and a physical address you shouldn't have any problem opening a bank account.
Obviously you'll need to read the small print of all the banks — especially with regard to incoming and outgoing international transfers.
For example, my partner is a U.S. citizen with a U.S. tax and social security number — she's lived here for 40 years, pays taxes to the IRS and Spanish hacienda, and banks with La Caixa — for every outgoing transfer of funds to the U.S. she pays 15€ for amounts up to 10,000€ — beyond which they charge 1.5%. She also sometimes has to pay a fee for incoming transfers from the U.S. depending on which bank is making the transfer.
I bank with ING — ( I have an ITIN — U.S. international tax number — as I receive business payments from the U.S.) and all outgoing international transfers are free of charge up to 15,000€. Incoming transfers — nil. (less 5% to the IRS*). I have never had reason to transfer more than 15K so, for me, all good. Your needs will be different.
* I'm a Brit — and a European citizen until December 31 this year. However, the Spanish 'convenio' with the United States requires I have to pay 5% of my U.S. earnings to the IRS. (If I resided in the U.K. it would be 0%)
Enjoy your time in Barcelona.