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AVLO — low-cost high-speed rail service.

Hi, if you're thinking of making a rail transfer between Madrid and Barcelona between April 6 and August 31 then check out the new AVLO high-speed rail service. Just booked a ticket for €45 round trip in May. Usual standard price is 105€ each way.
There are still some tickets available at just €10.
here's a link:

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Thanks for sharing this amazing offer!

I’ve not heard of AVLO previously, how long has this been in effect?

Please beware of luggage limit & restrictions:

1 bolso de mano o mochila de dimensiones máximas 27x36x25 cm. y,
1 maleta de cabina de dimensiones máximas 55x35x25 cm.

Translation: One handbag or backpack with maximum dimensions of
27x36x25cm And one suitcase of maximum dimensions 55x35x25 cm (22”x 14”x 10”)

According to AVLO, there will be an additional charge for extra luggage, and one needs to apply for such?
Do you know how this works?


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Hi, AVLO is now properly up and running folowing on from its high-profile launch on January 27th.
I've copied and pasted and amended my original post dated January 28th by way of answering your queries:
"Before buying train tickets tickets for Madrid-Barcelona or Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona it is worth checking the new low-cost high-speed Avlo service. Here’s a link to the website:
Tickets on sale now are for travel between April 6th and August 31st.
Tickets for adults can be as low as 5€ IF you book during a promotion. Next promotion TODAY Jan 28th at 8pm Madrid time when there will be 1,000 tickets priced at 5€ available. THE SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PROMOTION HAS NOW ENDED – but you will still find one-way tickets for 10€. I did today (Feb. 6th) for travel in May.
Outside the promotions (yesterday’s promotion caused the website to collapse) ticket prices will vary from 10€ to 60€ one-way for adults depending on demand. Tickets for kids under 14 will be priced at a static 5€.
Four trains a day in both directions, with two non-stop Madrid-Barcelona and two calling at Zaragoza.
The price of selecting and reserving a seat is an additional 8€.
No Preferente, Club or First-class seating.
No cafeteria or refreshment trolley service — however, there will be food and drink vending machines. There are luggage restrictions — one piece of hand luggage and one case no larger than 85x60x35 cm, but if you pay an extra 10€ when purchasing your ticket (or 15€ after buying your ticket) you can add another suitcase.
You cannot change times with a basic ticket — but if you pay an additional 8€ when purchasing your ticket then you can change times. There is a 2 hour grace period after purchase in which you can cancel your purchase at no cost/loss.
If the train is more than 1 hour late you can claim 50% of the ticket price paid. If the train is more than 90 minutes late you can claim 100% of price paid.
When travelling you will need to have you the I.d. document you used when purchasing your ticket.
Here’s the website again:

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This is something of an experiment. The company, a subsidiary of RENFE, and has ambitions of extending the service into neighboring France IF the roll-out is successful.
Being realistic, and knowing that SNCF/TGV (the French national rail system and joint operator of high-speed trains between France and Spain) has similar plans, they are hoping to run low-cost high-speed trains as far as Lyon in 2021, or earlier if they can negotiate access. In 2021 they will also be looking at a low-cost service from Madrid to Seville and other cities in Andalusia.

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for your detailed response!

[I hadn't seen your original post]

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I have tried about 8 times at various times over the last 3 days to buy tickets for the Madrid to Barcelona 9:15 train on May 25 but after I enter my credit card number the transaction won't go through. Is there something I am missing? Thanks.

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Problems using US credit cards can occur on some European websites. These are things you can try:

  • Use a different credit card.
  • Use PayPal if the website accepts it (this always seems to work).
  • Call the phone number(s) on the back(s) of your credit card(s) and advise them that you want to make a purchase on a Spanish website. It's possible they can tweak a security setting that will allow the purchase to go through. They may ask you the value of the purchase you're trying to make.

If you use PayPal, it will try to charge you in dollars and use an unfriendly exchange rate. There will be a link allowing you to specify that the charge go through in euros, but I don't remember what the link is called. With PayPal you should be allowed to set up payment from one of your credit cards or via direct debit from your bank. I have a pre-existing PayPal account and don't know exactly what the process will look like if you do not.

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Thanks. I've tried two different cards and neither worked. They gave me a choice to pay in US or Euros and I tried both even though the rate on the US was outrageous. Anything to try to get the tickets. There isn't an option for PayPal or any other payment method.
But I'll call my bank and see what they can do. Thanks again for your suggestions.

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Try I don't know whether it handles the AVLO tickets, though. There will be a service charge, but the savings on the AVLO tickets (if you can buy them from Trainline) will justify the service fee.