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Availability of 'Bags of Ice' in Spain (Service Station Bags of Ice)

Hello! My partner is wanting to do the La Vuelta a España 2014 and given a post accident medical condition I am having to ice my ankle for inflammation. I'm seeking information on the availability of bags of ice from either service stations or supermarkets? Any information appreciated. Thank you

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Bags of ice - a totally foreign idea in Europe.

I always go to the nearest Burger King or McD's and ask them to fill up a bag for me (I'll tip the person a couple of Euros).

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Just a guess, but it should be pretty easy to find ice in Spain. When I was in Andalusia in February, all the cold drinks, including water, were served with very large ice cubes. If your hotels serve food, they probably have freezers and will also freeze reusable ice packs for you.

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I would check into the 'cold packs' that are available here in the states. You will need to get the hotel/restaurant to freeze them for you. I have had them place medicine in a cold facility for me with no problem. Last trip I carried a cold pack and it worked just fine. Not much ice is offered in any restaurant, usually one cube per glass, and I have never seen the bags of ice offered anywhere.