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Austrian Airline, Vienna to Barcelona Info

I am planning a flight from VIE to BCN, Austrian Air is cheaper and has a better flight time then Ryanair.
I was wondering if anyone has used Austrian Air, and if you know if there are extra charges? and are flights on time as a rule?
EG: Ryanair charges for printing a boarding pass, but I can save this cost by printing the boarding pass prior to getting to the airport.

Second question is, with Ryanair, I had to get a VISA CHECK, at customer services counter in each airport, as we are from Canada,
prior to going through Security. Does Austrian Air require a VISA CHECK as well?


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Austrian charges for seat selection and it seems like there's no way to avoid it. What you will end up paying is quite a lot higher than the published fare. At least this was my case.

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Austrian is part of the Lufthansa group, by some measures Europe's biggest, with Ryanair close behind. Lufthansa charges for seat selection as do many of the international carriers and most budget lines, so it is no surprise that Austrian would too. It's becoming more an more common, including on international travel by Air Canada.

I don't know exactly what you mean by VISA since the word applies to credit cards and to government visa documents. You can check Lufthansa procedures here:

Canadians can enter both Austria and Spain without an advance visa; it's part of the scrutiny of your passport at the border entry. If I remember correctly, that's what Ryanair looks at too, probably to protect itself. But it does add an extra step to flying on Ryanair.

I am surprise that you have found a cheaper flight on the route than Ryanair, always allowing that it hides various extra charges to pop up during the booking procedure. Congrats.

Whoever you fly with, checking in on-line, and printing out boarding passes if possible, is always wise and, with Ryanair, far less expensive than the charge at the airport. Printing the passes if you are at a hotel may be possible; consult the hotel reception.

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The only airline I have ever heard about requiring a visa verification at a separate counter at the outbound airport is RyanAir. (However, I am not an expert on European budget airlines.) RyanAir also has a shockingly high fee for printing your boarding pass, so for heaven's sake, don't lose yours.

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Austrian Airlines is a high quality airline - not a budget airline. I fly them all the time as I live in Austria. You do not need to pay for a seat unless you want to book the seat well in advance. Checking in 24 hours before the flight will allow you to pick seats for free. At the airport in Vienna at the Austrian Airlines check-in, you print your boarding passes for free. Depending on your flight class, you may or may not have a free checked bag. Austrian Airlines flights are very prompt and the airline is known for higher than normal food quality.