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This forum is wonderful--so grateful for all the Barcelona updates. We will be there for Christmas time. Question about articketbcn: it says we can skip the line. Does that mean we walk in as soon as we arrive or do we need to plan to queue for some amount of time in the "fast lane". Also, has anyone had experience requesting wheelchairs at the museums - they say on their websites that they have the, but I am sure there is a limited supply. I'm sure I will be posting more questions!

Posted by zoz22
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Normally there is no fast-lane queue so unless there are too many people somehow, youwill not be stuck.
The only thing is that if you are coming with a big party, then you shall reserve the time and note that there will be special timetables for the Christmas time for some museums.
For the wheelchair, the major museums are wheelchair accessible and pretty much often they offer a free pass to wheelchair users + extra person (eg Sagrada Familia) and put at the visitors disposal wheelchairs. Normally there is no problem with availability of wheel chairs. You can check accessible museums here

and if you want to be 100% on the safe side, hire a chair here

Posted by Alice OP
Washington DC
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Thank you so much for the extremely helpful information!