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Arrived in Sevilla without Cathedral or Alcazar entry tickets

I did a little homework in RS guide back in August. Gave prearranged entries a weak effort. Should have persevered. Thought after New Years travelers would thin out. Our lodging host suggested a package tour that includes the Cathedral, the Alcazar and a 24 hour bus. RS suggests the walking options makes key sights easily accessible, no bus needed. We have today and tomorrow. Should we just get in line? We prefer to explore alone, but a tour might be our only option.

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The lines can get quite long, especially at the Alcazar, I'd go with the package tour if you have only 2 days. The same situation in Barcelona, but more so, I'd go ahead and pre book for the top sights, if you are also visiting Barcelona.

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We were there late August in 2017 and were able to walk up to buy tickets. I would think there wouldn’t be any issue during winter.

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We have already explored Barcelona, so Sevilla’s Alcazar and most importantly, the Cathedral are our priorities. I’ll refer back to the RS guide for less crowded times and try our chances today. If no luck, tour tickets for tomorrow. Smart? We will let all know.

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We were there same time last year without tickets. You will nott have trouble getting into the Cathedral the day of but the Alcazar is going be difficult long long lines.

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If you get to the Alcazar early (before official opening time) you will be able to get a ticket and it should be relatively quiet.

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Have you tried buying Alcazar tickets online at the official site? I was in Seville during Holy Week 2019, and that's what I did. I think I bought the ticket just one day in advance. I wouldn't be surprised if you can buy a ticket for today. I don't know whether you can get an e-ticket to show on your phone. I was staying at a hotel that was happy to print out the paper ticket for me.

For the Cathedral, just go to the Iglesia Colegial del Salvador (about 1/4 mile from the Cathedral) and buy the combo ticket. After seeing the church walk to the Cathedral and show your ticket to the uniformed line-minder, who will point you to a door where you can walk right in. Rick mentions the combo ticket in his guidebook.

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We were in Seville in late September 2017. On arrival day, we saw the long lines at the Alcazar, so we purchased tickets online for the next day. Our hotel had a printer, as well, so we printed our tickets. For the cathedral, we got there when it opened (or sooner) and had to wait in line for about 30 minutes. So please try to get your tickets online for the Alcazar today!

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I’d get there at opening. I doubt the lines for either the Alcazar or cathedral would be terrible this time of year.