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Arrival in Seville at 6am?

Hey there,

I'm planning to take a bus from Lisbon to Seville which would arrive around 6.15am at the Prado de San Sebastian bus station. However my hostel won't allow me to enter or drop off my things until 9am. Is there anything I could do in that time? Is the bus station a safe area to be hanging around (I'm a solo female traveler)? I've heard that Seville doesn't really wake up until around 8 and the consigna at the bus station doesn't open til 8 or 9 either.


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Hello. I was in Seville just 10 days ago. Of the six towns I saw in Portugal and Spain, Seville was for me the most enjoyable.

Ironically, I also took a bus from Lisbon to Seville, though I did not take the overnight.

The Prado de San Sebastian bus station struck me as very safe, though I am a guy. It's packed with people and services.

Seville's cathedral is magnificent and not too far from the bus station for the free time you will have. Sometimes I get jaded about European cathedrals, but Seville's is worth seeing, especially the 65-ft-tall carved altar piece and the treasury.

It's true the Seville is very quiet at 8 a.m.

While there, you should see a flamenco performance, see the Alcazar, take the evening paseo and eat tapas, tapas, tapas! The food was especially delicious in Seville. Take Conception Delgado's guided tour of Seville. She's wonderful.

Best Regards, C.

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Half of Seville is out at the bars until 2:00 and I've always believed that trouble-makers sleep late. I would not be concerned about hanging around the bus station, or any café that you might find en-route to your destination. But it sounds like more fun to take the tram a few stops to the main squares of the city and enjoy them without any crowd. Packing light is a big help to keeping your plans flexible.

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In your case the Plaza de Espana will be ideal. It's essentially a giant garden with a few buildings from an expo Seville hosted. I don't think it's gated or closes so you can arrive early and wander or just find a bench to relax. It should be quiet and peaceful. It's walking distance from the center.

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Not sure about 6 am, but I am guessing not much activity at that time..Perhaps you can find a coffee shop in the bus area....For a great tour, check out Really Discover Sevilla...small, well managed and excellent tours available...they can also direct you to an excellent flamenco show if you sure to get there early and sit near the stage...a riveting experience!!!