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Are there closings and/or celebrations in Barcelona Oct 12th, Fiesta Nacional de Espana?

USA Columbus Day, Sunday October 12, is Fiesta Nacional de Espana in Spain.
And like In USA, it may be celebrated on Monday?

Can I expect certain tourist sights to be closed on that Sunday and/or Monday ?
Does Barcelona partake less because of the independent minded Cataluyans ?

Are there parades or celebrations in Barcelona?


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I have been in Spain on October 12th a couple times in the last few years and I do not recall any closings of major tourist sites. I was in Granada one year and Segovia the other. I would be very surprised if there were closings that would impact you, especially in Barcelona.

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However, make sure you have hotel reservation for that weekend -- we went to Seville in 2008 without realizing what a big holiday it was and were told that ALL hotels were booked (found space in a hostal with shared bath -- fine for my daughter and me, but others may be more picky.)

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No there are no parades or celebrations in Barcelona, as you rightly pointed out, many Catalans don't feel part of 'that' celebration. Catalonia's National Day is Sep 11th.

Most tourist sites will be open, albeit some won't. Best to check the individual websites of the places you'd like to visit.

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We had the same question but we will most likely be in the Pyrenees or Costa Brava. Does anyone know if places or tourist attractions in the area will be closed?

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leahm567, both are within Catalonia, so the same answer above applies.