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APRIL Female Clothing for 22 days in Spain

What to pack for the different regions for a female.
April 15-18 Paris

April 18-21 San Sabastian

April 21-22 Bilbao

April 23-27 Barcelona

April 28-29 Granada
April 30-May 2 Seville
May 3-6 Madrid

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In Spain we have a saying - "en Abril aguas mil" which means "in April a thousand waters", which means prepare for rain, especially in San Sebastian, Bilbao, and potentially Barcelona too.

Also you will be in Barcelona for la Dia de Sant Jordi on 23 of April, an important day for the city, a bit like a Catalan Valentine's day, but with books!

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You are starting in the north when it will be coolest - 15-17 degrees and ending in the south when it will be the warmest - 24-26 degrees, so you’ll need to plan for cool and potentially wet to warm and sunny, so take layers.

Allowing for travel between destinations, you are short changing most places by a day and Paris by several days.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I live in south Texas so am used to the heat (90’s in April) but not to much to the cold ( 50’s is pretty cold for me). I know it’s just a quick trip to Paris but there’s always another time. Do I need a thick jacket or just lite weight?

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You can see daily weather conditions here (highs, lows, rain, etc) for any month for any of the last 10 years.

I would manage with a fleece jacket, and probably warm gloves since I use a camera a lot. You'll also want summer clothes and sandals.

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April 18-21 San Sabastian, April 21-22 Bilbao, for this part of your trip expect any kind of weather. This is a very rainy area of Spain (lots of mountains and green valleys and forests) with highly unpredictable weather, so it may be sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, showers, light rain, in the 40s, in the 80s or in the 60s, we never make plans for next day day, and even then, we carry all kind of clothes, just in case.

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Pack far less and have fun shopping a little bit more.
Back home when you are asked where did you buy that cute outfit?
You get to say......
"This old thing? Paris, Seville, ......."