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Anyone with experience getting from Madrid's Barajas Airport to Toledo?

I'm wondering how complicated this is going to be...and yes, I do have RS Guidebook. It looks like it will be necessary to take an express bus to the Atocha Train station, take a short train ride, and then another bus into Toledo itself? I also checked out the T4 Metro, but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what the route is to the Atocha train station. Even considered Rick's suggestion to just take a taxi from the airport all the way to Toledo for 90 euros, but decided maybe that's just a little too extravagant...

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I will recommend the airport express bus, leaving about every 20 minutes or so with at stop at each terminal. Five euros and three stops and you are there in less than 1/2 hour, at the front door. Enter the Atocha station, descend the elevators to the area to get your tickets. Also be sure to see the tropical pond with the turtles in it..fascinating...Several restaurants there in the terminal to grab a bite if you want. When you enter the area/room be sure to get a number, just like the ice cream stores !, get the ticket to Toledo, 25 minutes from the time you depart. In Toledo, as you exit the station there are taxis waiting. Or step outside on to the street and get the public bus, euro or so compared to ten or so via taxi. The main square is Plaza Zodocover and it has a bus stop.

Also, the train ticket will have the car number and seat number on it. As you enter the train car there is a luggage area. Also restrooms.

Have made the trip many times. Toledo is one of my favorite cities to visit. Send a private message if you need or want more information.

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Thanks so much to both of you for responding...I gather that the train from the Atocha station is the way to go. Still unsure what the best way to get to the Atocha station is, since "Wonderful" recommends the T4 Metro and HJ recommends the Airport Express Bus. Anyone else willing to give an opinion?

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Depends on how you want to get there...

I don't think there's any public transportation company offering a direct shuttle, but you could always hire a private company or a car at the same airport.

I usually get my shuttle transfers (collective, but there are private ones too I think) at and never had a problem, quite a good service and not really expensive. However, I must say I didn't go from Madrid's airport to Toledo, but used them in other destinations...

Best luck!

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In addition to advice on this page, you'll find several similar forum threads if you search for Toledo.

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As HJ said, the Airport Express bus is the way to go. It goes straight from the airport with only two stops after you leave the airport - Plaza de Cibeles, and Atocha Station. Couldn't be easier, and it's 5 euro. And as opposed to the metro, on the bus you can get a first look at the city instead of being in a subway.