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Another empty streets video -- Girona

This has become a new genre - drone video of usually crowded plazas and streets now empty.
The narration for this one of Girona can give you a little ear practice for Catalan, too:

My impression from visiting for a few nights during a previous semana santa is that unlike similar towns in Iberia where the past and the present mix together, in Girona the area from the riverbanks to the eastern old walls is almost all historic, while the area from the riverbanks west to the train station is almost all recent development. Past the wall to the east are a lot of academic and convent residences that can provide modest longer term stays, too. Maybe there's some historic or civic planning reason for this - the way, for instance, the old town in Vaison la Romaine is relatively new compared to the new town on the hill, since the new town survived the storm flooding of the early 1990s while the old town needed extensive rebuilding.

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