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Annual Membership in National Museums

Regarding Madrid museums, does anyone have experience using the annual State Museum membership card at the various State museums? If I read the Reina Sophia website correctly, I believe that an annual membership costs approximately 36 euros, and that the member then can have free entry into the Prado, Reina Sophia, Thyssen and some other State museums on multiple dates. I am thinking that this may be better than buying the three museum pass for 25 or so euros. Am I missing something? Thank you for any information you can provide.

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Go to ticket prices and scroll down -- 36 euros looks like a good deal for museum lovers!

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Laura and Wonderful, thank you so much for responding. In the English language version, in "details", I didn't see any restrictions. We certainly would enjoy multiple visits to the Prado, if that could be accomplished by purchasing the pass.
Again, thank you.

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I hope you've had the advice you need. Although the Prado is rich, it's nowhere near the size of the Louvre (for instance). Many people see enough with half a day in the Prado.