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Anniversary of Kingdom of Valencia founding in 1238

On 09 October in 1238, King Jaume I el Conqueridor, aka James I, rode into Valencia after several rounds of battle with the Balansiyya taifa, traditionally marking the part of the reconquista that established the Kingdom of Valencia.
James was an impressive and long-lasting ruler by the standards of his day, eventually encompassing land from Majorca to Languedoc, and it's interesting to consider how part of what we think of as French (and subject to Paris) were for many centuries Aragonese and subject to Valencia and Barcelona.

The Kingdom of Valencia teamed up with Castile, not always or often willingly, and other sub-sections of Iberia, to become greater Spain, until it was formally dissolved in 1707. Yet, today's Autonomous Community of Valencia is largely the same territory that was under the Kingdom eight centuries ago.

The Silk Exchange is part of the standard walking tour of Valencia and if you haven't at least read a little bit about the history of commerce and religion in the area it will just look like a big hall with a fancy inlaid floor. Knowing some background brings it to life.

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Thank you for this. Valencia, Spain's third largest city is overlooked in RS guidebooks. Not a single word on the topic.

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One could also make the case that the original "Kingdom of Valencia" was founded by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar aka 'El Cid', more than 100 years earlier in the 1090s AD. When he reconquered Valencia and subsequently ruled over a pluralistic society with the popular support from both Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. Unfortunately his rule did not last too long...

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Valencia is not my favorite city in Spain, but there is plenty to see in the rest of the region and adjacent regions. I was supposed to be in Siguenza today. Maybe next year.

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