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Andalusia in June with Family

Hi - I'm looking for some advice for an 11 day/10 night itinerary. We are flying into Seville and flying out of Malaga. We are traveling with our 11 year old daughter. I've ready several of the recent Andalusia threads and which has helped shape my thinking below.

My initial thinking is something like this:
Seville - 4 nights, include a day trip to Cordoba
Granada - 3 nights
Rent a car and then do 1 night in Ronda. Drive to Nerja from Ronda.
2 nights in Nerja.
drive to Malaga Airport and fly out from there.

We would love to go to Cadiz but I don't think it fits this trip given the other places we also want to visit. We definitely want to have a couple of beach days and Nerja seems like the best best.

We also prefer to spend a few days in one location if possible vs moving location every 1-2 days. I'm not sure if 1 night in Ronda is right, but I think it makes the rest of the trip more relaxing.

Unfortunately, we don't have the option of extending our trip.

Thanks for any help or advice!

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Not a fan of the order since it involves backtracking. However, after adding up all the driving times for various scenarios you’re only adding an hour of driving time. What you have if fine.

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Thank you both! I'm still tinkering with our itinerary and I have some good food for thought. I'll update here when we revise to show you - but, in the meantime, thank you!