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Andalusia - 8 nights

I'm considering going to Spain in the 2nd week of February, depending on the cost of airfare and covid. I wanted to book my accommodations ahead of time to make sure that I can get a decent place at a decent price. (refundable bookings).

Plan considering,

  • Fly into Seville (5 nights) - take the train to Granada
  • Granada (2 nights) - take the train to Málaga or Madrid (depending on which city I fly out of)
  • Málaga or Madrid (1 night) - fly home most likely on a 6 am flight.

I have a couple of questions.

  • Should I try and fit in Córdoba? Day trip from Seville? Remove a night from Seville and spend it in Córdoba? Leave Seville early and stop in Córdoba on the way to Granada? etc. etc.
  • Which airport is preferable to fly out of? Málaga or Madrid. Should I remove a night from Seville to spend 2 nights in one of those cities or just stick to staying at an airport hotel?

Any other suggestions or changes you would make?

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I would imagine accommodations would be a good deal in February.

  • A night in Cordoba is never a bad thing. You will not really have to worry about crowds, so the only real factor is if you want to change hotels for a night.
  • That depends on the specific options from your city and your preferences for connections, etc. For Madrid, I actually would consider an airport hotel since you will have a lot of travel that day and 6am is brutal (as is MAD). But for Malaga, it is likely an easy trek to the airport.
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I would spend 1 night in Cordoba. Cordoba is a beautiful city with white-washed walls, patios, narrow lanes, etc. Flower pots on the walls although there may not be flowers in February. The Mezquita is amazing, but we also enjoyed the Roman Bridge, Palacio de Viana, Mercado Victoria, the Alcazar, and exploring the Juderia. In fact, we spent 2 nights in Cordoba and could have enjoyed a third night.

If you spend a night in Cordoba, you will have 4 nights in Seville, which was perfect for us.

The order of your itinerary depends on where you fly home from. Whether it's Madrid or Malaga would depend on flight schedules and costs. Malaga is about a 1.5 hour bus ride from Granada. Not sure about the train. It wasn't running from Granada in 2017 because the tracks hadn't been finished yet.

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We had a 6 am flight out of Malaga last January. The check in desks open at 4. We left our apartment at 3:30, were there right as they opened, had an easy check in and waited at the gate for about an hour before boarding (coffee shop was open).

Madrid, I think, would be a different story. It’s bigger, busier, and might require an earlier check in. I’ve never left that early from Madrid, but you might want to check on opening times for the check in desks and be prepared to be there 3 hours prior to your flight.

Then again, you might have fewer connections home departing from MAD, making it worth the extra effort to fly from there.

So, where to fly home from — it depends.

WRT your itinerary, I’d stay a night in Cordoba, but then I like it better than Sevilla 😊. And I like Granada the most. But I think 4 days in Sevilla, 2 in Granada, one in Cordoba, and one in Madrid/Malaga makes the most sense.

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Thanks everyone. I'll spend a night in Córdoba, and as long as the airfare is reasonable, fly out of Málaga.

And for Málaga, there are 2 reasonable options, both 6 am, connecting at CDG (1.5 hrs or 4.5 hrs).

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In February (not in June), I'd take the 1.5 hour layover--what's the worse that can happen, getting stuck in Paris?