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Andalucia & Paris

My friend are going to be in Madrid for five days , (18-22)then then we want to explore Andalucia for 4 days(23-26).
Then we finish for new years in Paris 3(0-4.
We finish in Barcelona for 3 days (4-6 janaury)
Then we want to take the train into Paris (27-30).
Maybe explore some towns on the way back to paris.
what would be the best rail pass to purchase ?
If we wanted to overnight to Paris on the 29 how would we go about that?
Thanks for all your help.
Okay sorry I meant well spend new years in Paris then go to Barcelona for the final days of our trip.
I wanted to plan to take the train through France TO Paris .
But alot time to explore one or two of the french towns on the way to Paris..
So maybe spend the night of the 29th in a nearby town in France,then take the morning train into Paris.
Im not sure how to alot my times and how many days of a rail pass we would need?
Okay thank you everyone in advance for any advice :)

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Please edit your post to put your itinerary in date order, so we can understand it. Do you mean you want to take 3 days to go by train from Andalusia to Paris? You say "finish" twice, and "on the way back to Paris" which sounds like you are going to Paris twice - Spain to Paris to Spain to Paris?


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This is really unclear but it seems you want to take a quick trip to Paris in the middle of your Spain trip to be there for New Year's.
First, there is no longer a night train between France and Spain. There are high-speed day trains, but you loose the whole day traveling that long distance. You need to compare the prices between the point-to-point tickets and the rail pass. You need seat reservations even with the pass and few are allotted on French trains for pass holders. It's really late so seat allottmenents will be few while prices will be high on either a train or plane. Personally, I'd fly. Go to to find who's flying.

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Are you still at home, or in Europe, now? If you're looking at point-to-point train tickets, advance-discount fares are probably in short supply for holiday travel. Buy whatever is the best fare they can offer you at train stations or travel agencies in Spain, such as the travel agencies inside the centrally-located El Corte Ingles department stores. Train tickets are sold for reserved dates and times, and you can buy several at one stop.

Full-fare, 2nd class ticket prices are shown on Rick’s Train Travel Time & cost Map. See to compare flight prices to Paris.

If you were still in the USA and had time for a Eurail France-Spain pass to be delivered to you, which I think you do not, then it would be important to also add a Barcelona-Paris TGV seat reservation to the same booking, since seats are very limited.