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Americans in Madrid and Seville Spain

I understand Americans are allowed in Spain with proof of vaccination. We are planning to travel November 30 through December 9,2021 to Madrid four days and Seville four days. As I’m able to understand there is no problem with Madrid however I am not sure if Seville is open to Americans? Any assistance is much appreciated.

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We just got back from 2 weeks in Spain and as long as you have your vaccination card, QR code & Passport, you can go anywhere in Spain. The new covid cases in Spain has dropped daily since mid-July, The population is over 75% fully vaccinated and they take wearing a mask when indoors or on a bus/train, etc very seriously.

You are safer in Spain than in the USA because the pandemic is not a political issue, it is a medical issue. Actually they only looked at the vaccination card upon entry at the airport. I would recommend getting the app for the QR code, it was easy applying and I got my response in a few minutes.

Spain was wonderful and the food was excellent! We went to the Prado Museum and there are no crowds, it was easy going from room to room. Have a great time!!

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If Spain is open to Americans, all cities are open Americans. The restrictions/guidelines regarding what’s open and mask wearing vary between autonomous regions, so Madrid’s restrictions will probably vary slightly from Sevilla’s. There could also be differences between regional guidelines and city guidelines.

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Madrid, Sevilla, and all of Spain are currently open for vaccinated Americans. Remember you not only need proof of vaccination but also a QR code from the SPtH app

I should mention that current travel rules and restrictions can rapidly change, things may change come December. The decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility.

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No issues with Madrid at all, I'm living there now and you won't be asked for proof of vaccination or anything. However as someone else said they take mask wearing very seriously indoors (and a lot of people still wear them outdoors) so definitely bring a supply! Everything is open without restriction besides masks, it's a good time here :)