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ALSA Bus Ticket & Passport

I am in the process of renewing my passport. I recently purchased 2 ALSA bus Tickets traveling in Spain which asked for my passport number. I did not realize the passport number on my new passport would change. If I have my new and old passports with me, will they accept my bus ticket which reflects the expired passport number which I used when purchasing the ticket?

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I would think so... requesting an ID is simply a security measure and for identifying you as the one that purchased the ticket. In any case, why don't you write them an email? No one here can give you a definitive answer, we're not ALSA :))

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A similar procedure on Deutsche Bahn ( German Railways ) They will ask for the credit card used to book the ticket online , even if it is expired or cancelled

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Yes, they will. Alsa doesn't check your passport, it is just used when purchasing the ticket for ID purposes.

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I've used ALSA a few times. They didn't ask for any ID for the times I used them. Just show your ticket (on paper or on your smart phone) to the driver as you board.

If you have the passport number, I would take it with you. I ordered a ticket & the email never arrived. I was able to retrieve a copy of the ticket on the ALSA site using a combination of personal info (passport number, credit card info, or maybe something else) for verification.

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We had our passports out, ready to show, and the driver just asked for the tickets. He didn't want to see the passports.