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Alsa & BLA-BLA

Looking for feedback on using ALSA bus for transportation when train service doesn't work or BLABLA...which sounds like Uber. Any experience/recommendations for either?

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I believe BlaBlaCar is more like hitchhiking than Uber, though I've never used it.

I have taken a lot of ALSA buses. They are comfortable. Sometimes there is Wi-Fi. The air conditioning always works.

I did have one driver on a route few tourists would take (Granada-Valencia) who opted not to take what I understand are mandated breaks every 2 hours or so. It was a very long ride, and there was no way of knowing if or when there would be another announced toilet break (the answer was: none within the last 5-1/2 hours of the trip). Therefore, I did a lot of running between the bus and the toilets when the bus stopped at a major station. I was never sure it wouldn't leave without me. Not a nice way to treat a little old lady! I'm sure that was an unusual occurrence; the bus was quite late leaving Granada, and the driver was trying to make up time. (No, most of the ALSA buses I've taken either did not have a toilet or the door was kept locked.)

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I used Alsa a couple of times in 2017 and was very happy with the service, but it was the Granada to Seville run of 3.5 hours. Yes, there was an extended break stop - and why it was 3.5 hours instead of the listed 3.
As to BlaBla car, they seem to be well used. We had a similar system pre Uber and pre apps days. My university son used it until there was that one crazy driver. It is a ride sharing app so, you want to look into liability, insurance, that sort of thing. I don't think it is at all vetted like Uber.

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I have used blabla car in France and my son used it in Spain.
Everything was fine, good price and convenient for some routes. You can see the driver’s rating before you book it.