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Alhambra tickets booked no time though??

Okay the ticket vouchers I bought have a time for the Nasrid Palace (2:15pm) but no slot for entry to the rest of the Alhambra. I booked three months ago so I can't remember my slot now. Anybody know if the entry times are the same or not?

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There are only two day entry session times for the ticketed areas, morning or afternoon. The afternoon session starts at 1400hrs (2.00 p.m.) and therefore must be what you have. You can of course enter the grounds and see the unticketed areas at any time.
Is that clear?

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Allow at least 15 minutes to walk to the Nasrid Palace, so you don't miss your half-hour entry window there. In Rick's Spain book, p. 610 addresses "planning your time."

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The only actual time slot is for the Nasrid Palaces. You MUST enter there between 2:15 and 2:45. Best to be in line by 2:15 so you don't miss it ( we had a 25-minute wait in line when we went because of school groups entering with priority). The Nasrid entry time drives all the rest. As Neil explained, you are in the afternoon session which begins at 14:00 or 2 pm. But that only applies to the "ticket" areas, which means the Generalife and the Alcazar. You will visit those after the Nasrid palaces. But you can wander the rest of the Alhambra grounds freely before 2:00 if you want; there is no entry permit needed. We enjoyed lunch at the Hotel American on the patio.

Pick up your tickets the day before and you can just walk through the gate closer to town ( I think it is the Justice Gate) which is much closer to the Nasrid Palace entry line.