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Alhambra General Tickets

We are visiting Granada in October and I am having a very hard time finding a link to buy UNguided tickets to the Alhambra. I found lots of sites offering guided tickets. Does someone know how to buy the general admission tickets without a guide?

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Here you go: "Alhambra General" is what you want for a daytime ticket to the entire complex.

If you have multiple days in the city, it's possible you'd be interested in the "Dobla de Oro" ticket instead, which covers some other sights in addition to the Alhambra. However, those are mostly inexpensive, so financially it probably won't make much difference whether you buy the Dobla de Oro ticket or make individual purchases.

You'll see that there are no tickets available for October 4 - 6; there's apparently a major international conference going on during that period. Otherwise, tickets would be readily available this far out.

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As per acraven's recommendations. I will admit that I really enjoyed a every atmospheric night visit to the Nazrid Palace and then a full day the next day with Nazario Palace in the daytime as well as all grounds and gardens. The Carlos Palace was open in the evening so I checked it out then...very uncrowded. I also had the Doble door ticket so it became a bit or a treasure hunt finding all the locations. It is a 3 day ticket and I was there 5 days.

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Our hotel bought the tickets for us.

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Thanks, I was able to use the link. I finally now see it on the Alhambra site, but it was not a hotlink so I missed it.