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We are in Malaga and would like to schedule tickets for the Alhambra sometime in the next five days. Any suggestions?

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If you cannot get them on line, then ask your hotel for assistance. It is my understanding that the Granada hotels have access to tickets reserved for hotel guests. Perhaps the same is available in Malaga. It is about a two hour bus ride to Granada plus a 30 min taxi ride to the Alhambra.

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That just happened to us for our Granada visit. We waited too long and they were sold out the days we were there. We called our hotel Monjas Del Carmen and they immediately emailed us back and hooked us up with an afternoon reservation.

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The popular Palacios Nazaríes, the highlight of the Alhambra, is often sold out during the day. (The Generalife Gardens and Alcazaba fort don’t sell out.) To ensure that you can get into the Palacios during your stay, make an advance reservation.

Getting a reservation is easy, provided you do it well in advance. You reserve a specific entry time (€1.30 surcharge) and pick up your tickets in Spain. Reserve as soon as you’re ready to commit to a time, as much as three months before your visit. For most of the year, book at least two weeks in advance--more for Holy Week, weekends, and major holidays. Off-season (July-Aug and winter), you can generally book a few days in advance, or even walk right in--but it’s not worth the risk.

Here are your reservation options:

• Order online at Select the “Alhambra General” ticket then choose your date and time period for entering the complex--morning (8:30-14:00) or afternoon (14:00- 20:00, until 18:00 off-season)--then the exact half-hour time window for entry to Palacios Nazaríes (agotado means “sold out”). Unless you’re traveling with a child under 15 (Niños menos 12a, Niños de 12-15a), ignore the “special offers” options and simply hit “Continue.”

• By phone, an English-speaking operator walks you through the process. Within Spain, dial 958-926-031 or 902-888-001. From the US, dial 011-34-958-926-031. The line is open Mon-Fri 8:00-24:00 Spanish time, closed Sat-Sun.

Picking Up Tickets: Your reservation still needs to be converted to a printed ticket, which you pick up in Spain. To confirm your purchase, you must bring the same credit card you used to reserve. (To be 100 percent sure, also bring your credit card’s PIN number and your passport.)

You can pick up tickets at the Alhambra’s main entrance, but it can be crowded. At the entrance, follow “Bookings collection with credit card” signs to the windows marked Retirada de Reservas.