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looking to fly from Madrid to Porto in Sept. Im booking through Ryanair but as I get further into booking they want to charge for everything. But what Im not sure of is if I need to buy my checkin baggage because I am not sure yet how much my roll along carry on bag will weigh, plus i am carring a sachal so does the sachal count as a piece of luggage also. Im just not sure how to book this flight with out over buying.
any suggestions are muchly appreciated.

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Unfortunately that is how Ryanair makes most of their money. They do charge for everything. Call a la carte flying. You pay for what you need. It is cheapest when booking the flight. If you have to pay to check your bag, it will be more expensive at the airport. You are allowed one item on the plane. One means one. Not two or three as is common with the US carriers. So pay to check your bag now. Also be sure you know the airport that Ryanair is using. Sometimes they use airport that are a long ways from the city they are serving which adds to the cost and time of getting into the city.

I personal would consider using another airline if available.

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I support the advice of the prior poster....suggest you check another airline.....

A friend in the UK has named it "U-rine Air" and with good reasoning.

Fly it, or some other cheap tickets fly by seat of your pants only if you have checked every detail of the costs....carefully...and still feel you can make the journey.