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Airbnb in Seville

Looking to spend 3 months in Southern Spain and would love feedback on places and Airbnb(s)
Thank you,

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I don't know the city but am headed there for a week next month. Just commenting to offer this thought: If I were looking at staying somewhere for three months (though less than 90 days because of visa rules), I'd likely look for residential neighborhoods convenient to, but outside of the tourist core. Someplace with grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants that cater mostly to locals would be more immersive, calmer, and better value. The other side of that coin is that there would be fewer options for short-term accommodation in such areas.

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Hi Linda, This is a very general statment not much on the advice. All of the Airbnbs in Spain that I have used (there is a lot of them) have been wonderful and reasonable. Arcos in 2019 during Holy Week $48 bucks a nights 3 bed rooms two bathroom, treats provided, roof top patio and so clean you could eat off the floor (and I did, in my defence is was a really tasty treat). Another stand out was a semi private beach house east of Nerja that slept 11, in rooms not on the sofa, for about $400 a night, the same place in California would have been 2K a night or more. Anyhow all this is to say you will surley find reasonable nice places to board. J

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We have stopped using AirBnb altogether since 2016 for traveling in Europe after a few incidents, but find is much more accurate and reliable. Choose 9/10 ratings on and we never have any bad ones.

ps We just finished 17 night in Portugal and currently in Spain for 18 nights.