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Accommodation in Seville, Granada and Ronda

Looking for any guidance for choosing places to stay at in Seville, Granada and Ronda. We are a party of 4 adults (parents and grand-parents) and 2 kids (Aged 6 and 2)
Seville: 7 nights
Granada: 3 nights
Ronda: 2 nights
Was hoping to do apartment or home rentals in Seville and Granada. A hotel probably at Ronda.
1. Any suggestions on which areas/neighborhoods to stay at (easy access to bus stop would be a plus) as we would like to avoid driving if possible.
2. Also how expensive are taxi's in the area? Would that be the best means to transfer from the airport to the apt/home?
3. Any thing else to keep in mind before making the booking.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sevilla - Barrio de Santa Cruz - it's walking distance to pretty much everything
    Granada - city center, as if you stay near the Alhambra, you wouldn't be near much else
    Ronda - old town and new town both work as it's so small. Rick Steves' Spain book offers good suggestions in both. It's more of a question of whether you want a guaranteed view outside of your hotel room window.

  2. Taxis are affordable in all of the places you mentioned. Will you be taking trains between these cities?

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Thanks Courtney for your response.
We were thinking of travelling from Seville to Ronda by bus since that appears to be a shorter trip. Ronda to Granada by train. Have not made the bookings as yet. Have to do that soon.

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We stayed in Hotel Anacapri in central Granada. Very nice. About 100 Euros (2 years ago). Easy access to the Alhambra and when there was a countrywide labor strike, we were able to add a 3rd night. Front desk employee was from USA. We were there in November.