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6 days in Seville...too many?

we are thinking of staying 7 nights/6 full days in Seville on our upcoming one-month Spain travel. This is our first trip to Spain and we are planning to visit all the first-timers cities. :). we would like to travel slowly in every city and get the feel. trip is planned from Mid September to mid October.

My question is 6 nights too many for Seville? Are there any day trips that are recommended from Seville if the need be? We plan to travel only via bus or train, no car rental.

I have Barcelona (7 nights, including one day to Monsterrat ), Granda (3 nights), Cordoba (3 nights) Madrid (6 nights; includes day trip to Segovia), and Toledo (2 nights).

If 6 days are too many for Seville I can add a night to Madrid or Barcelona just because of the multiple-day trip options from both cities.

any suggestions to add any other city to my plan?

Thanks in advance

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I am also planning a Spain trip, for me, yeah that more nights than needed for a first trip. There are some that will say staying there for the entire month is not too much. Rather than adding nights to Barcelona or Madrid I would look at adding a stop. Ronda, Malaga, Valencia, Zaragoza all might be candidates. The other option is stays in other cities near Madrid, Segovia or Evora for example.

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We spent 5 nights/4 days in Seville back in 2017, and I kind of wish we had spent more time there. IMHO, maybe 3 nights is too many for Granada, and that's a lot of time in Madrid.

We used one of our Seville days for a trip to Cadiz - a place that deserves way more than a few hours.

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I think the whole of your itinerary is great!

I’m going to sleep on my third, and last, night in Granada. I think it’s been an appropriate length for a good visit. (Tip: the Basilica of St Juan is TOTALLY worth the time!)

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Head to your library and take home all the guide books you can find for Spain. Each brand offers a different traveling philosophy. Together, they will give you a long list of things to do in each city and suggestions for day trips.

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In one sentence you say 7 nights/6 full days … in the next sentence you state 6 nights, meaning 5 full days. To me, five full days is sufficient to get a really good feel for the city, especially since you already planned for Córdoba. I feel you have a good number of days for Barcelona, Toledo, and Granada. Depending on what you want to see in Madrid, 6 nights might be about right. Not sure how you’re getting around, but once you have the route chosen maybe consider taking one night from each Sevilla and Madrid and add another city, e.g., Zaragoza, León, Burgos, Salamanca.

Paul mentioned Evora, but it is in Portugal and not easy to get to from Sevilla.

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Paul mentioned Evora, but it is in Portugal and not easy to get to from Sevilla.

Yes, sorry, Avila...darn autocorrect ;)

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Thanks for all the suggestions. It is 7 nights and 6 full days.

order we are thinking to visit:

Barcelona --> Cordoba --> Granada --> Seville --> Toledo --> Madrid
Barceona --> Granada --> Seville --> Cordoba --> Toledo --> Madrid

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Hello from Wisconsin,

Somehow you have built a great itinerary. I do think the weak spot is Seville. 6 might be a lot. Don't get tricked into cutting days from Madrid. It is a great city with many enjoyable neighborhoods.

Traveling slow is so smart.

How is it your trip starts in Barcelona and ends in Madrid? If you are flying in and out of Madrid, spend 3 days there to get you feet on the ground, then go off on you plan. Then end your trip with 3 days in Madrid. Visiting twice with a break in between has been a bonus discovery for wife and me. Actually, take a day from Seville and add it to Madrid so you have 4 days in Madrid at the beginning and 3 at the end.

Have you a plan for dirty laundry? We pack small and do laundry once every 7 to 10 days. I try to make sure we book places with washer and dryer. Or find a place with a laundry near by.

you will have a great trip.

wayne iNWI

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We are flying into Barcelona and flying out of Madrid. We are trying slow travel for the first time and hoping it goes great. If we like it that's how we are going to travel every year. Maybe 6 weeks next year. We plan to be out of our room by 8 or 9am . visit attractions in the first half of the day. After lunch back in the room for a little siesta. back out in the city from 6 pm to midnight.

we are planning to book the apartments with a washer in Barcelona. Madrid and Sevilla.

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If the trip is coming up soon, it's true that you will not be experiencing Seville (or Cordoba, or Granada or Madrid) at their best. All those places are very likely to be unpleasantly hot, Seville being the hottest of all. (Zaragoza is not a good destination if you're trying to escape summertime heat.)

A summertime visit will make you less efficient. You'll find lots of sights taking long siestas, so you may as well head back to your air-conditioned hotel room for a long rest. You can't expect to go-go-go in southern Spain in the summer, nor can you keep up a rapid pace for a month without a break at any time of year. So I think your overall pace is smart.

Art museums aside, I don't find Madrid as interesting as the other places in your list. Six nights would feel long to me if I weren't spending at least two full days in art museums (which I did). But you have the day trip to Segovia, and Alcala de Henares is also very attractive (frequent, cheap local trains). For a shorter side trip you can consider Chinchon by bus. I am not a fan of Avila, which seemed to be basically just a wall.

Therefore, I see nothing wrong with your time allocations. I enjoyed a day trip from Seville to Carmona if you want to get out of the Iarge city for a day. I believe there are other attractive towns in the area, but there are a lot of sights in Seville itself.

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My trip is planned from Mid Sep to Mid October. Apologies for not including this detail in my original post.

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This is a perfect time for visiting Andalucia.

Would you be interested in visiting Malaga on the Mediterranean coast? There is lots to see and do there, and it's nice to have some coastal ambiance. You could take a night or two from Seville or a night from Granada and a night from Seville and add it to Malaga. It's an under-rated city with a lovely city center, lots of art museums, Alcazaba, seaside promenade, wonderful market. The ALSA bus from Granada to Malaga is only 1.5 hours. Then you could take the train to Seville.

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Would you be interested in visiting Malaga on the Mediterranean coast?

Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely explore further.

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If you aren't going to devote 2 full days in Madrid to European painting, I'd say 6N may be too many. Like acraven, I find Madrid to be less interesting than most other cities. If you take away a day or two, you could add them to Barcelona - there is so much to see and do there and at least half a dozen good day trips. Cordoba is my favorite Spanish city, with lots of small museums and other sights to explore.

There are several other places you can add, but then you defeat the slow travel plan.

There are two ways to get from Barcelona to Granada, fly or train. shows one direct train a day, 6 hours 22 minutes, leaving at 8.30 am. Flying is faster but means more hassles. OTOH there are multiple trains a day to Madrid, taking 2.5-3.5 hours. Then it's another 45 minutes to Toledo, plus up to an hour transfer time. Then a loop of Granada/Cordoba/Sevilla (choose the order) and then Madrid.

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As the capital of the modern Spain for 500, Madrid is rich with layer upon layer of history. As a bustling metropolis—the second largest city in Europe—it is rich with contemporary Spanish culture.

Anyone truly interested in only pre-20th century European paining could spend 3-4 days exploring that here. A traveler with broader interest will easily spend 6 days, and still leave with a curiosity for more.

It’s not my intention to come off as an employee of Madrid’s tourism office, but some members of this board are often so eager to promote dismissing it.

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I personally found Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada far more interesting than Madrid or Barcelona, but that's just me :)

I love the so-called Sherry Triangle near Sevilla/Jerez/Cadiz.

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We’re traveling to Spain September 30 for 21 nights. Our itinerary is similar
Barcelona 3 nights
Madrid 6 nights
Granada 3 nights
Seville 4
Cordoba 3
Toledo 3
Home from Madrid. I went over the train schedules when deciding the order of cities. For our last night in Toledo, we will hire a driver to take us to the airport for our 11 flight.
We were just in Sicily and did 2 night stays, it was too rushed hence the minimum of 3 nights. I know Barcelona deserves more but the flights didn’t work out and we had to cut 2 nights. I am just booking our train tickets (I got an alert the tickets were now available) and will do my Alhambra tickets as soon as I figure our which ones to book. October 12 is a National holiday in Spain so luckily we can visit the Alhambra that day.