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500th Anniversary of the Revolt of the Comuneros / 499th of their defeat

On April 16, 1520 a year+ long people's uprising occurred in Spain, giving European nobility a small preview of the impending end of feudal societies.

Barely a full generation after the completion of the Reconquista in 1492, the royal families overseeing Castile were a royal mess. Queen Isabella's daughter Joanna was literally insane, and her son Charles, elected Holy Roman Emperor in 1519, was more Flemish than Castilian. Seeing a Cardinal from Utrecht put in charge was too much -- anti-government protests led to local city councils taking power (Comunidades) in Toledo and several other towns. It lasted about a year, until Charles could reassert his authority (meaning bribe or threaten the resisters.)

But some in Toledo held out longer, and the spirit of that resistance became an inspiration which lasts down to recent days.
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