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3 days in Granada then last 2 days in.....Need suggestions please

Hi...My family of 5 (ages 23,22 and 18) are going to MADRID (3 nights), SEVILLE (3 nights), CORDOBA (1 night), and then
GRANADA (3 nights). Our last 2 nights were planned to travel to Nerja before taking the train from MALAGA back to MADRID where we catch our plane back to the US.
However, after the many comments posted about NERJA, I want to cancel Nerja. (see earlier posts regarding swimming in sewage....ewww. Also, the link provided by one of you shed an ugly picture of NERJA beach)
Therefore, can anyone offer suggestions on where to visit our last 2 nights before coming back home? OUr last city is Granada so please take that into account(in terms of distance). I don't want to be spending our last 3 days/2 nights in Spain traveling long distances.
Also, because NERJA was originally on our itinerary, I already purchased 5 nonrefunadable tickets (Petrabax P+) from MALAGA to MADRID (where our plane is scheduled for home)
We will not be renting a car. All travel so far involve only bus and train.

Are Malaga beaches and town worth the last 3 days/2 nights?
I wanted to see White Hills Towns but from Granada, this seems like a long way to travel. Also, it seems like to see White Hills, you may need to rent a car. (which we don't plan on doing).
Any other city close to Malaga?
I guess another option is just to absorb the cost of the 5 nonrefundable tickets and visit a city like Toledo instead?

Thank you again!

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