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2-nt London/4-nt Madrid flying from ORD

Looking for advice on how to plan my air travel for a trip to London and Madrid. Will be traveling with two young children and my spouse. Wondering I what most efficient and cost effective way it is to get to each city and where do we start? Initially I was thinking flying into London bc many more direct flight options, then spending 1 or 2 night(s), then 4-nights in Madrid. Not sure if we should fly home from Madrid or go back to London and fly home from there. I also considered train to Madrid but it looks like We would have to do two 6.5 hour long train rides which is too much for a 5 and 6 year old to handle. Or should I say too much for me to handle with them in tow. Any ideas or advice welcome and very much appreciated.

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With small children, if there’s a direct flight from Madrid, take the direct flight. With British Airways, or American, (they code share), there is one nonstop flight a day from Madrid to ORD. It departs Madrid at 11:35am. Flight numbers are BA4271/AA8654. The flight is operated by Iberia, which is owned by British Airlines. If the trip is for vacation, consider visiting only one of those places. Six nights in either place, with a day trip someplace else, would afford ample time to see either city. Taking a look at flight options for various airlines, you could fly from Madrid to Newark, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Amsterdam before moving on to Chicago if you didn't mind a layover.

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Are you flying to Europe for only 5 or 6 nights? Is there a reason you're trying to go to both London and Madrid in that short a period of time? Unless you're visiting family members or have work to do in both places, I think it's not a good idea at all.

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Looking at on a random date, I see nonstops both ways between ORD and MAD, including the return flight the previous poster mentioned. That's how I'd do it unless there's some reason you have to be in London. They look like pretty reasonable flights, awfully long for young kids but easier than any alternative I can imagine.