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2 days in Cordoba

We decided to spend a couple nights and days in Cordoba, rather than rush through the city on a day trip from Seville... as we'd read that Cordoba is worth the time. I know of the Mezquita, old Jewish quarter,... Any other sites, even off the beaten path, that anyone discovered and really loved? Including restaurants and such? We would really like to make full 2-day stay in Cordoba worth it. Thank you!!!

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I spent two nights in Cordoba. Not my best decision on a Sunday and Monday (closed dates) I managed to find plenty to do.
I did a lot of activities in the jewish quarter, so I suspect thry offered some multi site ticket. Some were not jaw dropping, but unique. One was an old building cum leather craft and museum.
Archeological Museum and if weather permits, eat lunch/brunch in the little plaza outside where there was a guitar player, locals mingled with tourists, well behaved dogs lay calmly under the chair.
The Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos
Fiesta de los Patios (narrow streets with white homes decorated with geranium flowerpots) but that will be somewhat season dependent. The old town is a meandering mess of narrow streets and alley ways. Fun to walk.
I really enjoyed hanging out around the old Roman Bridge. It was a warm sunny day in November, and as I happened to be a bird watcher I could do a spot of bird watching between people watching.
Like other cities, it has a different feel of life 'across the bridge', so wander the neighbourhood on the far side of the Roman Bridge.
They have Arab baths, which was a wonderful trsvel break
There are Roman ruins just outside of town Medina Azahara
Here is another list (I like this website for tourist info )
For quirky or obscure, I also like Atlas Obscura website. Their Places page has a world map where you can narrow down to your place of interest and find what may be out of the way to visit. (or the app)

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Not sure how you’re getting around, but outside of town is Castillo Almodovar del Rio and Medina Azahara - Conjunto Arqueológico Madinat al-Zahra. If you don’t have a car, I know that the castle is reachable by bus. I’m not sure about the archeological site. The Roman bridge is ok, but was better before the government did a terrible and sloppy restoration of it in the late 80s/early 90s.

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I really enjoyed my visit to Palacio de Viana, an old aristocratic mansion. It’s also in a different part of town, so will get you out of the tourist center.

And my lunch at Terra Olea was outstanding.

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My mom and I enjoyed the equestrian show at the Royal Stables.
We were there in October, and I booked our tickets a couple of days prior to the event, but you may want to book in advance here:

Enjoy your time in beautiful Córdoba!

P.S. Our hotel was across the Roman Bridge so that was a delightful walk to/from our hotel.
We also found a small restaurant on that side of the city but don’t recall the name of it.
We always enjoy fruit so we also found a frutería near our hotel.

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Oh. I forgot about eating at Mercado Victoria. There is a long green park down the main street towards the Mesquita and it houses this Mercado. Like many others in Spain, it is more about cooked food or wine stalls than fresh products. I wandered around and actually ate an enjoyable Ecuadorian meal.
It's easy to walk to the old town from the train, but I regretted the walk to the train. Though not readily apparent, is up hill.

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I really enjoyed my visit to Palacio de Viana, an old aristocratic mansion

We were in Cordoba two weeks ago and loved the peace and tranquillity of Viana palace's 12 interconnected gardens.

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I also recommend Palacio de Viana, the Roman Bridge, Mercado Victoria, and Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos.
And Restaurant Regadera. You need to make reservations.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Two nights means only one full day. I hope you mean three nights. This is a lovely city. Because of the lack of cars, or seeming lack of them, it is great for walking. Yes, the opposite side of the Roman bridge was intriguing especially after sunset. Being in the is city was a real vacation. No need to rush. Just order a nice drink to enjoy outside and watch the world go by. Soak up the ambience. Then spend a hour finding a new location from which to watch the world. What a great place to relax.

Oh, and there are great buildings too.