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15 Days Itinerary Start and End in Barcelona, Should I go to Lisbon

Hi - I'm trying to figure out the best way to spend 15 days in Spain May 10 to 25.
I am flying in and out of Barcelona, since it is the best possible flight from where I am. Madrid or Lisbon will require 1 or 2 layover and it will be the harder to arrange than direct flights in/out of Barcelona.
I would be flying in (12:00pm) and leaving from Barcelona (3:00pm).
This is what I am thinking so far:
4 nights in barcelona (10-13)
3 nights in madrid (14-16)
2 nights in granada (17-18)
2 nights in seville (19-20)
3 nights in Liston (21-23)
back to barcelona for 1 nights (24)
I'm filled with anticipation and eagerness to explore everything, yet I'm concerned that I might exhaust myself and spend too much time on the move, packing, and unpacking instead of immersing myself in each city and truly relaxing.

What should I do?

  1. Skip Liston? how should I spend the additional 3N in this case? Should I add Cordoba?
  2. Instead of Granada and Seville, Should I do Porto instead? Barcelona, Madrid, Porto, Lisbon and back?
  3. Any recommendation in turns of transportation? We dont have a set date to be any city except for 10 and 25 at Barcelona, what is the best route to get through all the cities.

Thank you very much for any input, it will help me a lot.

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“Spain Itinerary
By Rick Steves
So much to see, so little time. How to choose? To help you get started, I've listed my top picks for where to go in Spain, and outlined my plan for your best three-week trip.
Depending on the length of your trip, and taking geographic proximity into account, here are my recommended priorities:
3 days: Madrid and Toledo
6 days, add: Barcelona
10 days, add: Sevilla, Granada
13 days, add: Nerja, Ronda, Tangier (Morocco)”

So you traded Nerja, Ronda and Tangier for Lisbon. Sounds great! But if you think it’s too much then drop Lisbon and maybe pick up Ronda et al or extend time in one of your other stops.

If it’s not too much, you can fly from Seville to Lisbon and also fly Lisbon back to Barcelona. Inside of Spain, trains are generally the way to go.


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Agree with "funpig". Between Barcelona and Ganada, fly. Train or bus between Seville and Granada. Trains elsewhere. The loop we did for month trip 2022: Barcelona; Granada; Seville; Cordoba; Madrid with day trip to Toledo (avoid weekends). You can't go too wrong taking your time in Spain!

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Two nights in Seville is terribly inadequate. It's a large city with many sights. I think it needs 4 nights if not more, and that's really not allowing time for a day trip to Cordoba.

Ground transportation between Spain and Portugal is poor, almost non-existent. It really doesn't make sense to go to Portugal just for a few days in Lisbon; there will be too much travel time, and that's time you could use productively in Spain (in Seville, for example).

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Thank you everyone for your input.
I have ruled out Portugal.

Thinking about:
5 nights in barcelona
3 nights in madrid
2 nights in granada
3 nights in seville
1 nights in Cordoba, if not add it to Seville
back to barcelona for 1 nights.
The loop will depend on when we can get Alhambra.

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You'll probably pass through Cordoba on all your rail trips south of Madrid, so you can slot that city in at various points in your itinerary. It can be an overnight stop (great idea if you can manage the time), a day trip from Seville, or an in-transit stop (ideally between Madrid and Seville). Allow as much time in Cordoba as you can, because the city has a lot more to offer than just the Mezquita.

Key information for an in-transit stop: There's no luggage-storage facility at the Cordoba train station, but there are lockers at the nearby bus station. Reports indicate those lockers fill up, so an early arrival is a good idea. I don't know whether the lockers take credit cards or you'd need to come prepared with a lot of coins. You should in any case Google luggage storage Cordoba and be prepared with other conveniently-located options in case there are no available lockers when you arrive in town.