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Hi, I want to see a bull fight in Barcelona--I know this might be a poor subject due to controversy--but is there a way to do it? Is it still going on?

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Bullfighting was outlawed in Catalonia (where Barcelona is) years ago.

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For bullfighting, you'll have to go to Madrid or Sevilla or Granada instead.

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There are more places than just the three mentioned (Pamplona and Ronda come to mind), but Barcelona no longer has any bullfighting. The season starts on Easter Week in Seville and runs primarily on weekends into October. Madrid's season ends last, I think all of October.

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thank you can you get to sevilla or granada and back to barcelona in a day?

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No way. Look at a map.
Also, anymore corridas start around seven and take about three hours (six bulls, twenty minutes each, plus cleanup in between, plus half-time).