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Barcelona Spain to France (Parapetreuse [spelling] France I.E. Cather Castles)

1st leg of trip from Barcelona Spain to southern France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, end in Paris France by car. I have mapped fastest roads from Barcelona to Cather castles in France but thought it might be fun to drive slowly instead thru Spain's coastal towns after leaving Barcelona before heading to Cather Castles. Any recommendations on routes or is this going to dramatically slow down my trip? I thought it might be slower but prettier so worth the slowdown but would like thoughts and route recommendations, and cool things to do along coastal route.

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If you will drop the car in France, then you will get a better price by picking it up in France, such as at Perpignan, not in Spain.

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I'm not worried about drop off costs, back to my original question on best routes and things to see along Spain coast.