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Is it necessary to buy a cellular package through my carrier, AT&T, if I am planning to take an online course while I am in Spain?

I know that my hotel states that WIFI is free in the room but I am not sure how the connection will be once I am there and feel a little nervous since this is an online college course that I need to pass.
And, if the WIFI is "sketchy" and not very fast in hotel, are there plentiful internet cafes that I can buy minutes on in Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Nerja?

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Hello Dora,

Over the years I have successfully used the free wifi connections at perhaps 10 hotels in Spain. Obviously some are better (stronger)
signal, faster response) than others. All, however were adequate. I once had to go to the front desk and ask to be moved to a different room in order to have a useful wifi signal.
I wouldn't worry about being able to accomplish your coursework; you should be fine. You might want to download the Mozilla Foxfire browser. I find this works best with online courses anywhere.

BTW: I plan to be in Spain this October and to teach 3 weeks of my online course while there.

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I think you will find pretty reliable Wi-Fi somewhere in the hotel, especially if you're willing to work in the lobby or lounge. You can request a room with a better signal when booking, but if all the single rooms are on the top floor, for instance, then you may not have much choice. If you will also need a table or desk to work at, then also discuss that. Wi-Fi should be widely available at Starbucks, similar businesses, and public libraries.

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Some connections are better than others. When we have a bad connection we either go to the lobby to use WiFi or to a McDonald's or Starbucks. WiFi isn't limited to those, however, I had no problem finding free WiFi even in a tiny town in the mountains of northern Spain. It was listed in my guide at a restaurant that wasn't open in the afternoon so I asked at a bar across the street and they had free WiFi too that wasn't listed - although their English and my Spanish didn't equal one complete language so it took a little back and forth to get the idea across.

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You should be able to find wifi (in Spain is it called Wee Fee) in most hotels or hostals. If the reception is not good in the room, it will be in the lobby. Also, many of the cafes, etc. have it as well. I would not buy the cellular package of AT&T Even if you may (unlikely) have a daily charge for Wee Fee, it will be less than the AT&T

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THANK YOU everyone for helping me plan my trip. I'm getting so excited since it's just around the corner.
I feel as though everyone in the Rick Steves community/forum has been so generous in their time for answering my many questions. Again, sincere gratitude!