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Hiking in Spain

We want to go hiking in Spain this year for 10 to 14 days and would like to know if anybody has any suggestions about what areas to go to. We don't want to do the Camono de Santiago because the distance between the towns is a bit further than what we can do. We are looking for good scenery, genuine Spanish culture and food!

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  1. Will this be traditionally July? If not when? Will temperature matter?
  2. You will have to qualify 'hiking', this distance difficulty and your experience.
  3. Do you understand there are several caminos to Santiago? Have you examined them all?
  4. 'good scenery, genuine Spanish culture and food!' - The culture of the Spains is varied and should be found almost anywhere, but not for sure on some parts of some coastlines.
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Neil raised the important points: difficulty and distance. You've already sort of limited yourself on distance, so maybe you need to look at walking loops or out-and-backs.

The Picos de Europa are full of trails, some with a good deal of elevation change. If you go outside the park, in the stretch of the N-621 that runs from Tama to Potes, there's some comparatively level trails that can be worked in a bit more than half a day.

Watch out for the weather and don't be caught unprepared. It can turn to stink in two heartbeats.

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I agree with Ed on the Picos de Europa. The northern coast is a beautiful area with lots of trails and public land. And it's less likely to be blistery hot in the summer than further south. When is your trip?

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The area of Cantabria is a good spot...lots of mountains, hills, seaside, to choose from. And, it is known as the 'green Spain" because of the rainfall it gets each year, some people say it looks like Ireland even, with the cattle grazing on the hill sides. Not sure of specific accommodations for hikers, but it would be worth researching for sure.