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Madrid - Arrival by car

Hello, fellow Europe travelers

I recently posted this topic on the helpline under "West Europe", but now with the RS change in topics thought I would post it under the new "Spain" location as well. Did get one response, but hoping for some additional input. Here is our situation:

We are two couples that will be traveling by rental car for three weeks in Spain in May. As with a number of our other car tours of European countries we will generally follow Rick Steves' guide & intinerary. However, the recent guide books do not seem to provide the usual "arrival by car" information and suggestions for Madrid. We understand that taking a car into the city is highly discouraged, so would appreciate any advice on either: 1) hotels with parking that can "readily" be accessed by car and that are located such that we can take other transport to the top Madrid attractions? or 2)possibly a location where the car can be securely parked and we can taxi or metro in to a city center hotel? We will be traveling to Madrid from Toledo.

Thanks for any help!

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I sent an answer under your other posting....Seems a problem that it did not show up here on the same question. Maybe the administrator will see fit to 'cross reference' questions and answers from one area to the other....Otherwise, confusion will abound for all!!! (That is for the benefit of the administrator.)

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I cannot find your answer and would like to know it. Will you please repost?

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HJ's original answer is in the To the West area, where it was originally posted. Cross-posting does cause confusion for everyone!

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I would also be curious about what suggestions people have...we are planning on flying into Madrid, renting a car, making a big loop and arriving back in Madrid.

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Madrid is not a hard place to drive. Highly discouraged by who?

In and out is easy. Messing around, you'll have trouble finding parking, so use public transportation.

Seville, on the other hand . . . . is a stinking bear.

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What does your "big loop" include, Sam? And what kind of suggestions are you looking for?