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10 days in Spain in Jan for two adults with arriving city in Barcelona.

So far we have nothing booked including intercity transportation and accommodations but tentatively decided to spread our days in Barcelona, Valencia and then final stop at Madrid (we put Madrid at last because we are heading the Dublin where is our US return flight). Given the AVE speedy service and using Madrid as the returning base, do you think if possible to add a place or two like Seville or Granada? Is there AVE service between Barcelona and Valencia? If not what would an alternative travel from Barcelona to Valencia? Should we alter the order or modify the places to visit? We like sightseeing even with a lot of walking, love tapas/wines, I like museums and would appreciate a flamingo show, but my husband is not that crazy. We are a middle age/pretty active couple but can’t speak a word of Spanish. Thank you!!!

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Why exactly are you planning to spend your precious time (on a trip that's criminally too short) in Valencia?

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Is 10 days exclusive of your to/from travel days? What do you want to see?

I have not been to Valencia, but have wanted to go there.

Here is what we did on our trip:

3 nights Palma
3 nights Barcelona
1 night Granada (flew from Barcelona to Granada)
3 nights Seville (bus from Granada to Seville)
3 nights Madrid (stop in Cordoba on way to Madrid)

Three nights in each of these places was minimum. I could have stayed longer in Seville and Granada.

We cut out Valencia because there just wasn't enough time. With your timeframe, I would cut out Granada. If you love walking, food, wines, you will get your fill in Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid.

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For purely selfish reasons I happily support all folks who desire to deter tourists from visiting Valencia.
Keep in mind daylight is at a premium in January plus some destinations offer reduced hours of operation.
Madrid is of a higher elevation and correspondingly colder.
I would for you to visit more of Spain, even Valencia, but not on this journey.
Stick with two destinations, Barcelona and Madrid, as both offer a healthy menu of options plus ez daytrips. Both cities also offer excellent public transportation.
I would do six days in Barcelona and four in Madrid. Sprinkle in two day trips for Barcelona and one day trip, suggest Toledo, in Madrid.
Reach out to Enric to help plan your time in Barcelona.
Swallow the temptation to believe you have to visit more destinations to justify the money being spent on the trip. Yes, Seville, Granada, Valencia and many more destinations are worthy of your time; but not this time.

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Flights directly from Malaga to Dublin could be considered, leaving this possibility bypassing Madrid ...

1. ARRIVE Barcelona (4N)
2. Barcelona
3. Barcelona
4. Barcelona
5. Fly to Granada (2N)
6. Visit the Alhambra
7. Train to Seville (3N)
8. Seville
9. Seville
10. Train to Cordoba for the Mezquita then later on to Malaga (1N)
11. Fly to Dublin

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How many nights do you have? If you arrive on Day 1 and leave on Day 10, you may only have 8 useful days. There's enough in Barcelona alone to fill that time. Adding a stop between Barcelona and Madrid will use up about 1/2 day of that time. If you are traveling light and like really fast-paced trips, then Valencia could be a reasonable stop for 2 nights. If you want a small town experience, you may like medieval Toledo better and it will mean less train time, since it's only a half-hour train ride from Madrid.