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10 days in Spain, help please

Hey everyone,

My wife and I will be travelling to Spain in September. We will be flying in and out of Barcelona. I've been to Europe, but not to Spain. I was hoping for some tips on my itinerary. I know that we would like to stay in Seville and Barcelona. I would like to add another stop or two in between. We are in our early 30s, love food and music, architecture, and history (I know Spain is full of all of this). I was thinking this
Day 1-Arrive in Barcelona at 8:45 AM and fly to Seville (overnight Seville)
Day 2-Seville
Day 3-Seville
Day 4-?
Day 5-?
Day 6-?
Day 7-10-Barcelona

I'd probably avoid Madrid. I know it's the capital, but am from NYC and am not a fan of huge cities. Can anyone suggest cities to stay days 4-6? Also, are 3 nights in Seville too many? I plan on taking the train from Seville to next city to Barcelona. Thank you all for any help, I just booked this trip today

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I'd add another day to Sevilla or travel to Córdoba for an overnight before going to Granada.

If you're "not a fan of huge cities", you're in for a big surprise since Barcelona is a huge city!

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Thanks for the response. So you'd do 4 nights in Sevilla, then a night in Cordoba, and a night in Granada, before heading to Barcelona for final 3 nights? Also, I'm thinking of taking the train from Barcelona to Sevilla instead of flying

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I'd probably fly to Granada, so you may consider something like this:

  • Arrive in Barcelona then fly to Granada (2N)
  • Bus or train to Sevilla (3-4N)
  • Train to Córdoba (2N)
  • AVE train to Barcelona (3N)

How many nights will you have, ten or eleven?

Edit to add...

The main reason I'd change your route is to avoid the long trek from Granada to Barcelona at the end of your trip.

I suppose you could keep your original plan; fly to Sevilla, then take the train to Córdoba, then bus or train to Granada, then fly back to Barcelona.

I'm sure others will give you more suggestions & options.

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I mispoke. I have 9 nights, 10 days. I apologize. Can you tell me what you think with that time frame, ideally having the last 3 nights in Barcelona. Thanks

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Since you only have 9 nights, then you only have 8 full days...

Since you just booked your flights today, see if you can fly to Granada (on one ticket, not separate ticket) upon arriving to Barcelona, then do something like this.

  • Granada (2N)
  • Sevilla( 3N)
  • Córdoba (1N)
  • Barcelona(3N)
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Keep your journey (by AVE high speed train) along the big city axis Seville-Madrid-Barcelona, but include side trips to smaller centres - Cordoba, Toledo, Segovia.

Day 1-Arrive in Barcelona at 8:45 AM and fly to Seville (2 nights)
Day 2-Seville
Day 3-AVE train to Cordoba (1 night)
Day 4-AVE train to Madrid (3 nights)
Day 5-Day trip to Toledo
Day 6-Day trip to Segovia
Day 7-AVE train to Barcelona (3 nights)
Day 8-Barcelona
Day 9-Barcelona
Day 10-Depart Barcelona