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10 days in Spain - Can I do this?!

Hi there,
I will be visiting Spain from Ottawa, Canada this July. Flying into Barcelona and out of Madrid July 18 to 28. My friend and I were wondering if we this itenerary is too much or if its do-able:

July 18th - July 22nd (4 nights) - Barcelona (train to San Seb - early 22nd morning)
July 22nd - July 25th (3 nights) - San Sebastian (train to Madrid - early 25th morning)
July 25th - July 28th (3 nights) - Madrid
July 28th - Fly back to Canada

I need your help please :) Is this a do-able trip? Or will it be too rushed?

Overall, Im going to Spain to see the major sights, eat good food, enjoy the beaches and party! We are in our mid-twenties, if that helps?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Yep. Barcelona might be a little fat and Madrid light, but if you've figured out what you want to see, it'll work fine. Nice job.

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One of the few initial itineraries seen which offers a good pace to absorb the culture. You have earned the right to purchase a pitcher of cava sangria in barcelona.

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Yes...but you will be on "go" all the relax sometime!!!

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Did 2 nights each in Barcelona and Madrid - probably needed three. Liked Madrid a little better. Your itinerary looks fun to me.

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I would love to visit San Sebastian too in future. Not to dissuade you Kevin. Just food for thought.
On my last trip in Nov. I got reactions from two different Madrilenos who did not speak very highly of San Sebastian. They said food is excellent but has gotten expensive. One said San Sebastian is regularly soggy wet.
They recommend Salamanca and Valladolid over San Sebastian.

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I too have heard travelers recommend other places in the north over San Seb. But since you're only making 2 train trips and the trip is still 5 months out, doubtful you've bought (or even can buy) the train yet, so still time to shave a day off and maybe see Segovia just north of Madrid. Mid 20's eh? Sure, you can forego the R&R. You don't plan to get the Spain pass do you? Doesn't seem worth it in your case, with 4 trips min. Mark

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Thanks for your suggestions!

Still havent decided on San Seb yet either.... I was told that San Seb has the best food and the best beaches in the North and that mid-July is the perfect time to go to the North coast of Spain. Thoughts?

Why would you suggest Salamanca/Segovia instead?

Thanks everyone!!

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If beach is important to you, you won't find it in Salamanca or Segovia. But both cities are beautiful and have a lot to see.

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If the beach is important to you, go to San Sebastían. The beach in Barcelona is crowded and dirty, la Playa de la Concha in San Sebastían is much nicer. Bring a rain jacket, as it will most likely rain, and San Sebastían does have the best food in Spain. The trip is definitely doable. I spent 6 months in Spain traversing the various regions, and am in my early 20's, so you guys will have a great time.

As for the partying, Madrid wins hands down. Barcelona clubs are expensive, and San Sebastián has a club (disco) on the beach. In Madrid, go to Kapital, Gabbana, Star Studios, or Teatro Barcélo. For Barcelona, go to Opium, and for San Sebastían, go to Ezpala and Bataplan. Drinks are super expensive in the clubs, so do botellón or just buy litronas/cheap rum in the chinos (alimentacíon). They're all over the cities, and a liter of beer will cost about $2.

For accommodation, stay at Kabul in Barcelona, hands down top 3 hostel I've ever stayed in. For Madrid, 007 hostel or anything on Gran Vía is good, and stay at Lera Surf Hostel. ¡Que os lo disfrutéis!