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10 day itinerary in Catalunya! Suggestions please! :)

Hi all,

We are an adventure/adrenaline loving couple and will be in Catalunya from Sunday for 10 full days!

I have already rented a car so we are really flexible. We want to experiance as much as we can. We are including Theme parks as we love adrenaline, some culture and a lot of beautiful nature.

Here is our planned itinerary, I am really open for suggestions:

Day1: (Sunday): Arriving to Barcelona at 8:45, car pickup: Visiting cultural villages and sites in North Catalunya: Girona, Besalu, Figueres and Cadaques, dining in Calella de Palafruggel.
Sleep in Tamariu at Hotel Hostalillo.
Day2 (Monday): All day relaxing and beach in Tamariu, possibly kayaking to close coves (suggestions?) and trying out snorkelling.
Sleep in Tamariu at Hotel Hostalillo.
Day3 (Tuesday): Check out from the hotel, sightseeing in Begur, Pals and Peretallada in the early hours, then go to Cala Aiguablava and Sa Tuna for beach experience then later afternoon leaving to Tossa, visiting the castle.
Sleep in Lloret de Mar at Hotel Delamar.
Day4 (Wednesday): Relaxing at the close beaches - I heard the best ones in the region are Boadella/Santa Christina/Traumal region, what do you think?
Sleep in Lloret de Mar at Hotel Delamar.
Day5 (Thursday): Visiting Water World Lloret (I booked 2x1 tickets).
Sleep in Lloret de Mar at Hotel Delamar.
Day6 (Friday): Either relaxing and go to some beaches (suggestions?) or visiting Marineland Aqua/Dolphin park. Party at night because of the National Holliday!
Sleep in Lloret de Mar at Hotel Delamar.
Day7 (Saturday): Checking out from the hotel, leaving to Salou. Visiting Montserrat, Sitges and Tarragona on our way. National Holliday that day.
Sleep in Salou at Hotel H10 Vintage.
Day8 (Sunday): Relaxing at the hotel or visiting some nice beaches / places close to Salou (suggestions)?
Sleep in Salou at Hotel H10 Vintage.
Day9 (Monday): Visiting Port Aventura (June promotion 2parks 2days with Ferrari land and high season just started at the park so 10-24 opening hours)
Sleep in Salou at Hotel H10 Vintage.
Day10 (Tuesday) Visiting Ferrari Land + Port Aventura.
Sleep in Salou at Hotel H10 Vintage.
Day11: Leave early morning to the airport.

So here is the schedule. If I missed out on something great please advise me as I want to see the nicest natural places in the region.

Couple of more pointss:
- Is it safe to travel and visiting sites with luggages in the car in Catalunya? I did it in Sicily where it is really regarded dangerous altough we did not feel it that way.
- I was trying to put theme parks on weedays and rather have relaxing / sightseeing days for weekend days as I am trying to avoid the crowds.
- What are the best baches you would suggest in our itinerary - We like softer sand (no small rocks) and turquoise water of course! :)

Any suggestions I highly welcome!


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I am not sure how you arrived at this schedule, but it's just not practically feasible on some days.

Girona is a full day visit.
Besalu, Figueres and Cadaques are all minimum half day.
Montserrat and Sitges are half day at least also.
Tarragona is a full day visit.

With all respect you need a serious rethink for those places, or just be content with beaches and theme parks.

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Your first day is insane ! You must have 5 hours of driving on that day you wont see anything.

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You could try and make something like this work. Good luck.

Day1: (Sunday):
Arrive Barcelona at 8:45. Pick up car.
Visit Montserrat, then drive to Costa Brava
Day2 (Monday):
Figueres and Cadaques
Day3 (Tuesday):
Begur, Cala Aiguablava, Sa Tuna
Day4 (Wednesday):
Tossa de Mar
Day5 (Thursday):
Water World Lloret
Day6 (Friday):
Girona and Besalu
Day7 (Saturday):
Visit Sitges on the way to Salou
Day8 (Sunday):
Day9 (Monday):
Ferrari Land + Port Aventura
Day10 (Tuesday)
Ferrari Land + Port Aventura

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Agree with David.

Your first day is technically impossible. You don't say where you are arriving Barcelona from, but if from oversees you will be dealing with jetlag and immigration. An 8:45 arrival means you won't even be in the car until at least 10:30. Traffic around Barcelona can be heavy and the airport is at the south end of the city while you are heading north. Girona is a mid-size city that would take the better part of a day to explore. Besalu is northwest from there and takes a few hours to explore. Figueres is only worthwhile for the Dali Museum, which is a couple of hours to tour. And Cadaques is an hour drive from Figueres and takes a few hours to explore. Not to mention time to eat and find parking.

Day 7 is another impossible day. Montserrat takes a few hours to explore and is a 30-40 drive just to drive up the mountain (and then again back down). And that is west of the city. Sitges is then south of the city and a few hours to explore. Tarragona is even further south and the better part of a day to explore.

I'm not familiar with the other destinations, but they seem more reasonable. You'll need to prioritize what you want to see or do and skip most of the places on those two days listed above. Perhaps there will be time on other days to make day trips if you wish.

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As everone has said, you simply cannot do all of this. Day 1 is impossible. Prioritize, Reorganize and slow down.

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Thanks guys for your input! :)

I know that day 1 and 7 looks reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy exhausting. The problem with me is that I want to see everything. We managed to do it several occasions (Sicily for example).

Here was my thinking: Day 1 (we are coming from EU, no jet lag) consists 4:30 drive + lets say 30 mins parking so 5 hours are gone, but we have 7 mire. I thought we are going to GIrona do see the jewish qarter and the old town (3 hours). Walking some in Besalu (1 hour), visiting the Dali museim in Figueres (1:30), walking some in Cadaques (1:30). So I know it is a really rushed plan but we are planning to come back and want to have a little taste of everything.

On day 7 we might skip Montserrat, as we can visit that on a seperate occasion when we would stay in Barcelona.

About the artificial and non artificial thrills: I am from Hungary so I can visit Austria and Slovenia for rafting, or mountain biking (both of them we really like) and really cannot enjoy a theme park like Port Aventura nowhere in Europe. Some of the people like some of them dont, we do.

About the beaches: I really hope it is not that high season as schools are just finishing and we are going on weekdays but I will be checkint the webcams for sure. I also mentioned to visit some hidden and not reachable (by foot) coves with kayak that can be nice.

d_syd! I really like your itinerary, the only problem I have that we would like to sleep in, just relax days and in this schedule it is not really possible.

So I get the logic, I will think about it and may change some of the days!

Thanks again for your contributions.

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The ViaMichelin website isn't working for me at the moment (7-1/2 hours to drive from Girona to Besalu--I think not!), so I can't comment on your driving time for Day 1. But I think allowing 30 minutes to find parking in 5 different places is optimistic. And have you allowed for the time required to walk from the parking place to the historic area so you can begin your visit? And the time needed to return to your car? What about the time it takes to pick up the rental car? And lunch? Besalu is quite small. Girona, Cadaques and Figueres are not. I suspect you'll spend more than 90 minutes at the Dali Theatre and Museum.