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10 day itinerary for Spain and Morocco

Looking to start April 4th and return April 15th from Toronto. Allowing two days for travel, 6-7 days in Spain and 3-4 days in Morocco. Open to any suggestions on most efficient route/ destinations.

Thanks, Allan

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Ten days wouldn't touch the most common destinations in Spain. Which ones interest you most? Many people like to go to Andalucía in the spring because the weather is generally pleasant. The sights are certainly great. But Easter is on April 12, and Holy Week is A Very Big Deal in Andalucía, with a great deal of demand and high prices for lodgings (and non-cancelable reservations in some cases as well). If you're thinking about that area (Seville, Cordoba, Granada), you should immediately look at what's available on to see whether you think you'll be able to find something suitable.

You can check for flights between Spain and Morocco. I'd be looking to fly into/out of either Fes or Marrakech, but flights will probably not operate daily. I think you'd need a total of 5 nights in Morocco to get a decent, if quick, look at both those cities. I'd try to fly into Morocco and home from Spain or vice versa. I wouldn't want an unprotected connection, which is what would happen if you flew on from Spain to Morocco on the first day of your trip, or headed back to Spain from Morocco just in time to get the flight home. In other words, try to avoid a round-trip to Spain plus a round-trip between Spain and Morocco; try to set the trip up with just a one-way flight between the two countries. You can check for Multi-city (not round-trip) flights from and back to Toronto on most airline websites. I like to use Google Flights but there are other good ones. [Paragraph rewritten for clarity.]

There are flights to Morocco from most of the countries in Europe, so you need not feel that this has to be the year you go to Morocco just because you'll be in Spain. I would recommend holding off on Morocco until you can give it more time. You certainly wouldn't have a problem finding great ways to use all your time in Spain.

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I complete agree with acraven's advice. I'll fill in some details that may help you choose.

Nonstop flights are less hassles. According to this wiki page, the only non-stop flights to Spain are Madrid (Air Canada) and maybe Barcelona (there are 3 other airlines but flights are "seasonal"). Of course you may get a better deal with another airline with an intermediate stop. That would also give you more options on where to fly into and out of (including open-jaw flights).

If you are arriving in Spain on the 4th (leaving Toronto on the 3rd), you have 10 nights, which is 9 full days. Every time you change locations you use about 1/2 day. To have one full day in a city, you need to spend 2 nights there. For every additional day, add a night. Trains are fast, reliable, and comfortable. Madrid and much of Andalucia are well connected, as is Barcelona.

Barcelona is hardly affected by the holidays, Madrid to some extent. In Andalucia, it is huge. In most cities, the main streets in the center will be entirely off limits to traffic from the 5th through the 12th. Every day there are processions that take hours. The routes will be closed to all traffic then. That means getting to/from train stations could take longer than usual. Even walking takes longer because you can't just cross a street when there's a procession, you have to wait for a break. There are lots of crowds lining the streets to see the processions that you'll have to wade through as well. On the other hand, if you choose to embrace the festival, you will have experiences and sights that few get to enjoy. I was in Sevilla and Malaga during Semana Santa a couple years back. Malaga was wonderful! Sevilla, not so much.

It would help to know what your interests are and if you've been to Europe before.