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01 Jan 2020 in Barcelona

Hi all, I tried looking through the forum for a similar topic but could not find any that has information about 1st Jan in Barcelona. As I will be landing on 01/01/20 at Barcelona at 12:30 pm I am wondering what are the best options to get into the city centre (Eixample) where my hotel will be at? I understand that it is a public holiday, and it seems that there will not be any public transport as well?

In that case, will most of the food stores be closed then? What are the recommendations /things to do when most of the shops are closed and there are no public transports?

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All of the public transport is running from the airport on New Years Day.
What is the exact address in Eixample? Someone will give you your options better with that info.

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Public transportation runs 24x7x365... albeit on special dates service can be reduced.

L'Eixample is a large district, so depending on where exactly you're going one option can be better than other.