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Wellington Society of Madrid

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but as the Wellington Society ostensibly offers tapas tours, I figured it makes sense to post under restaurants. I should start by saying I absolutely love Rick Steves and pretty much trust his judgment on everything. I always travel with a Rick Steves book in Europe and he has never steered me wrong before. On the topic of the Wellington Society, however, Rick Steves was wrong. I hope that by posting here, I can help other travelers avoid the same mistake.

Like I said above, ostensibly the Wellington Society offers tapas tours of Madrid. My family and I hired Stephen Drake-Jones to do a Hemingway tapas tour on January 3. We paid him (400 euros!) in advance, but on the day, he did not even bother to show up. We attempted to call, email, and text, all to no avail. When he did deign to get in touch with us, he offered no apology and at first was even reluctant to give us a refund. He gave some lame excuse about having internet issues (which was clearly a lie, and I also remain unclear about why internet issues would preclude you from showing up for an appointment) and was arrogant and non-apologetic about his refusal to show up. When he finally did (reluctantly) refund us, it was only a partial refund and he seemed to not understand that he had done anything wrong. Stephen Drake-Jones is clearly not a good person, his Wellington Society is a poorly-run business, and I would not give him any of your money or time while you are in Madrid.

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I work with Mr. Drake-Jones and was aware of this incident from the beginning.
This is the exact same posting that someone calling themselves judgeslavin posted elsewhere on this forum. This is an incident for which Mr Drake Jones apologized multiple times. He understands that an apology cannot take away the reviewers disappointment. Below is one of his communications for your review. Please know that Mr Drake-Jones has been in touch with Rick Steves about the incident and we continue to be a unique, fun and historic way to see and learn about Madrid and the surrounding area.

I realize how disappointed you and your family were that I was not there at the agreed upon time. I did in fact lose, for the first time, my on-line scheduling system for a short period of time. When contacted, I responded immediately and went directly to the hotel, but you had understandingly, made alternate plans for this, your last evening in Madrid. There was never any question about refunding your money, which was completed within a week and accompanied by a note of apology. It is important to me that I lead my life with high moral and ethical standards and find your characterization upsetting and without basis.