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The Barcelona club card


What are your opinions on the card that gets you access to loads of clubs for 10 euros? Is it worth it or a scam?

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First, I doubt many on this travel board are the "clubbing" type, so likely little first hand experience.

Is it worth it? Just looking, it allows entry until 2:00 AM, the clubs usually do not open until midnight, so it is not like you are going to hit more than 1 or 2 a night, what is the cost to get in?

The pass also does not apply to other entry costs (if there is a minimum drink limit, special concert, etc) and does not cover any costs there. They also do not guarantee entry, so if the club is busy, or the doormen do not like how you look (dress not right, too old, too young) you still don't get in. No indication that you avoid a line by having the pass.

On the positive side, 10 euro for two nights is nothing, so you are not out much, you get a nice map and get a card, the people at the pickup spot might be able to answer questions or recommend a club suited to your style or expectations. I think maybe this is more just an advertising scheme for the clubs, the people running it get money from the clubs and some money from you, directing you to a select group of clubs. I did not see what it costs to get into a club (I thought it was no cost), but if it is 5 euro, then no benefit, if 20 euro, then probably worth it.