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Madrid-best and most reasonable eating establishment.

Whats the best dining experiences in Madrid?
Going next May so I would appreciate any feedback experienced travelers can share with me.....and others.
Whats the best deal for the money? I understand that Tapas come with drinks in most places.

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You probably want to post this under Q&A, not reviews, In any case very few places in Madrid offer free tapas and those that do may serve a bowl of potato chips. You are asking for “the best dining experience in Madrid”, the “best deal for the money”. Madrid is a very sophisticated place for food. Think New York. You can get a very good hot dog from a cart. Is that the best deal for the money? Some might think so. You can also spend $300 pp for dinner. Is this the best dining experience? In Madrid there are simple places where you can get tapas of varying quality with drinks. We found tapas overall to be much better in Andalucia especially in Granada where we took a tapas tour. In Madrid we dined well and it was a relative bargain. But not knowing your budget makes it difficult to offer recommendations.

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FWIW, I don't find that tapas come free with drinks in most places. My experience is that tapas are a great way to graze and sample wonderful foods for not too much money, but generally, you are charged for what you eat. Check out a guidebook to get an idea of how you want to eat in Madrid. RS sets out some pointers in his book, and it is pretty thorough and helpful. You can pretty much eat whenever you want to, but to live like a local, be prepared to be eating dinner very late in the evening, 9:30 to 11:30 pm, with tapas bar hopping generally occurring relatively early in the evening. Lunches are generally followed by a siesta in the afternoon.