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Laguardia and Hondaribbia

Would appreciate knowing what hotels you have stayed at in each of these places, pros/cons, and whether or not parking is available at those in Laguardia.

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I day-tripped to both, so no help from me on hotels. However, it might be useful for you to know that Laguardia has an outdoor elevator for getting up to the historic center. I don't remember what was down below--maybe very little, but you'd think there was a good reason for installing such an expensive piece of equipment. Maybe there's a parking lot down there.

I was very grateful for that elevator because that's as far as my bus went. I managed to visit on the day of a big-deal local fiesta.

You may be able to screen hotels for the availability of parking on Definitely read the reviews.

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Hondarribia/ El Obispo. They only had two or three parking places. If I return, I would stay st the Parador which had more parking for it’s guests. Otherwise El Obispo was very nice.

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Thanks. We'll be driving from Hondaribbia because we'll base in Laguardia but want to explore the countryside, too.